Aeries Revision Notes 11/16/2021

New Features

  • CALPADS Extracts - The SDEM extract has been adjusted to support new functionality when retrieving the staff's primary school. On the Other Options tab, if the "Pull County-District Code from School LOC" is selected, the primary school will be evaluated from STJ.SCL rather than STF.PSC. This functionality is intended for charter schools and/or multi-district databases. The option has been renamed to “Pull County-District Code from School LOC records and Pull Primary School from STJ” to reflect the new functionality. 

  • Class Attendance - The lunch counts now support staff section schools. Further programming will be done to add this function to the Teacher Portal Attendance page and also handle teachers more elegantly when a section has no students.

  • TREx Export (TX Only) - Current Coursework now will extract for students without a leave date.

Issues Resolved

  • Student Grades - When adding a new GRD record and selecting a section from the Section pop-up window, the fields were not being populated and the record could not be saved, fixed. 

  • Dark Mode - Adjustments have been made to many areas to further improve visibility in Dark Mode. Pages that updated data without reloading could cause the wrong theme to display, fixed. 

  • Standards Based Report Cards - The Primary Teacher was not displaying correctly for inactive students, fixed.

  • Texas State Reporting

    • PEIMS Fall student interchange had the potential to use the prior enrollment record for students who had switched schools prior to the snapshot, fixed.

    • ECDS Ed Org and ECDS Master Schedule extracts were omitting course data, fixed. 

    • The ChildCareOperationNumber and FamilyEngagementPlanLink elements will no longer extract in the Ed Org file when run for Kindergarten as these are Pre-Kindergarten elements.

    • The PEIMS Fall Student Enrollment extract will no longer include early graduates who were enrolled after the Fall Snapshot Date.

    • The PEIMS Fall Student Program extract now also includes students with ADA Eligibility Codes 0 and 9 in the TitleIPartA Program Association Extension.

    • The PEIMS Fall Staff Association extract was not including the PE elements, Number of Days Taught Week 1 to 4 and Number of Minutes Taught Week 1 to 4, when run in a Flex Scheduling school, fixed.

Database Changes

  • Lunch Count Data (LNC) - Added the Section Number (SE) field and included it as the primary key.

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