Aeries Revision Notes 11/09/2021

New Features

  • CALPADS Extracts (CA Only) - The LTEL import process has been updated to allow the State LTEL file to be evaluated properly. Last year the file was changed to be fixed-width. However this year it was reverted to the traditional tab-delimited file, without prior notification.

  • Missing Positive Attendance Listing - This report has been adjusted to support Flex Scheduling.

  • OneRoster Configuration - A new Use Vendor's SourcedId as the Assignment ID (GBA.UI) option was added in the OneRoster Configuration page. When this option is enabled, the system will use the vendor's sourcedId from the payload as the assignment ID during the new assignment creation.  Otherwise, the sourcedId will be automatically created by the system. Currently, only Microsoft SDS requires this option to be enabled. This option is disabled by default. 

  • Expanded Learning Opportunities (TX Only) - The Activity Code and Days per Year fields have been added. Also, an error message will now be displayed on Save, if the ELO Type or Activity Code fields are blank.

Issues Resolved

  • Street Address Management - The Census Block Check process has been optimized for better performance. 

Database Changes

  • Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO) - Added the Activity Code (CD), Days per year (DPY), Insert Date (IDT), Insert User Id (IUI), Insert User Name (IUN), Insert User Type (IUT), Update User Id (UUI), Update User Name (UUN) and Update User Type (UUT) fields.

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