Aeries Revision Notes 11/4/2021

New Features

  • Immunizations - Additional fields have been added to this page to track student COVID-19 vaccinations, including tracking of exemptions, and vaccination type. Also, the Records Presented dropdown fields can now be customized by editing the IMM.RPT values on the Update Code Table page. Additional functionality related to COVID-19, including updating reports and tracking immunization status will be available in a future update. See Immunizations

  • Initialize New Standard Based Grading Cycle - This page is now available at the district level to be able to be run for multiple school sites in a single transaction. See Standard Based Grade Reporting - Initialize New SBG Cycle for Multiple Schools

  • Students With Perfect Attendance - This report has been adjusted to support schools tracking Primary Classes.  It has also been adjusted to support schools using Staff ID Based Counselors.

  • Query - The Class Calendar Dates (CCD) table and the Flex Period Times (FTT) table can now be queried by non-Admin users who are given permission. 

  • Early Childhood Development - This page has been updated and the ability to add historical data has been added. 

Texas Specific

  • Texas State Reporting - The ECDS extract now includes TX-ChildCarePartnership.  PEIMS Summer Attendance now reports TX-PrimaryPKFundingSource, TX-SecondaryPKFundingSource, and TX-PKProgramTypeIndicator as of the last day of the reporting period.  PEIMS Fall and PEIMS Summer Student extracts have been updated to use the appropriate ECD records now that historical ECD records can be created. The ECDS Enrollment extract has been updated to use the currently active ECD record. 

  • Course History Institutions - A new field has been added to capture Partnering Childcare Facilities. 

  • TREx Export 

    • Star of Texas has been added to the TREx export.

    • Legal Name information will now print if the Legal Last Name field is populated.

    • In some cases properly configured transcript indicators would not extract, fixed.

Issues Resolved

  • System - Improvements were made to database connection logic to prevent certain connection leaks that could result in connection pool timeout errors.

  • CALPADS Extracts (CA Only) - When processing Itinerant Teachers in a Flex Scheduling / Section Staff school, it was not always honoring the Census Date. Fixed. Also, adjusted the  Auto-Create process for TK SPRG records as, in some circumstances, it was not capturing all students. 

  • Ed-Fi 2x and 3x 

    • Class Period Name, under certain conditions, would return an error, fixed. 

    • Class Periods and Flex scheduling Schools were not honoring custom bell schedules, fixed.

    • Student Section Attendance Events, added Attendance Notes for Flex scheduling 

Database Changes

  • Immunizations (IMM) - Added the COVID-19 Dose 1 Type (CV1T), COVID-19 Date 1 (CV1), COVID-19 Dose 2 (CV2T), COVID-19 Date 2 (CV2), COVID-19 Exemption (CVE), COVID-19 Exemption Date (CVD) and COVID-19 Comment (CVC) fields.

  • Course History Institutions (CHI) - Added the Partnering Child Care Facility (PCF) field.

  • Early Childhood Development (ECD) - Added the SQ field and combined it as the primary key along with the ID field.

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