Aeries Revision Notes 11/02/2021

New Features

  • Special Ed Data Import - There is a new option to configure Extended Fields for this process.  These are additional fields that the vendor would add to the data files, which can be mapped to fields in the CSE and CSV tables. 

  • Special Education - A new field for "Meeting Date" has been added to the Services (CSV) table.  Also, the records in the Services tab are now sortable.  Also, this page will now remember the last tab the user had active and keep that tab open the next time the page is loaded. 

Texas Specific

  • Texas State Reporting - The Enrollment Tracking file now outputs a blank, instead of 1, for the Entry/Exit Verified Flag. 

  • Staff - Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) Designation and TIA Creditable Year of Service (TICY) has been added to this page.  See Staff Data

  • Activities and Awards - The type 3 "Certifications, Licenses, and Program Completions" Codes and Vendors have been updated.

  • Student Attendance Summary - Student Attendance Summary is a new report that replicates the TSDS PEIMS Superintendent's Summary Report of Student Attendance.  This report uses data provided from running the  Student Attendance Detail, Student Attendance Campus Summary, or Student Attendance District Summary reports.  One of those reports must be run for each of the selected Reporting Periods before running this new report. 

  • Activities and Awards - The type 3 "Certifications, Licenses, and Program Completions" Codes and Vendors have been updated.

  • Special Education - The Disabilities History tab was only available to Admin users, fixed. 

Issues Resolved

  • Teacher Attendance - In schools doing Flex Scheduling, the Absence Totals for each student on the Teacher Attendance page were incorrect, fixed. 

  • Master Schedule Board - This page was giving an error for some Flex Scheduling schools, fixed. 

  • OneRoster API - The Put LineItems endpoint was returning a HTTP Status code of 200 even though the assignment was not inserted into the GBA table when the category sourcedId (gradebook number) was blank in the payload, fixed. This bug was limited to Microsoft SDS. 

  • Ed-Fi 3.x - Additional code mappings were added to several entities and several bugs were fixed. 

Database Changes

  • Staff Demographic Information (STF) - Added the Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) and Creditable Year of Service (TICY) fields.

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