Aeries Revision Notes 10/28/2021

New Features

  • Gradebook Custom Colors - This is a new page which allows users to define custom color schemes for "Percentages" and "Rubric" scores in the gradebooks.  This page is only available at the district. See Gradebook Custom Colors

  • Gradebook - A new Gradebook option to "Hide District Defined Score Color Code" has been added.  If enabled, the custom colors will not display for the gradebook. 

  • Portal Options - The new gradebook option "Hide District Defined Score Color Code" has been added to the Lock section of the Gradebook tab. 

  • Scores By - New user options to display the new custom colors for Assignment Scores and Overall Scores have been added to the bottom of these pages. 

  • Gradebook Summary / Gradebook Details - New user options to display the new custom colors for Assignment Scores or Overall Scores have been added to these pages. 

  • Civil Rights Data Collection - see Overview for Civil Rights

    • The Cert. Teachers & Codes tab has been updated to use the Staff Credentials (STC) table to report the number of teachers certified to teach certain subjects. Also, there are new option sets for Type of Certification and Computer Science subject. The calculations for the Teachers with Certification tables (COUR-9, COUR-14, COUR-16) have been updated.

    • The Courses tab has been updated to include Computer Science selection boxes. The Preschool Enrollment (PSCH-1) table as well as calculations for Computer Science tables (COUR-15, COUR-16, COUR-17, APIB-11 and APIB-12) have been added to the Results tab. The Victims Status (VIC.ST) has been removed from the default setup values. Also, other miscellaneous adjustments have been made to comply with the new data requirements.

Issues Resolved

  • Assertive Discipline - New discipline records were not able to be added as of the 10/26/2021 update, fixed.

  • Analytics - Grade and Gradebook item definitions using a Subject Area code or Department code greater than one character in length were not processing any data, fixed. 

  • Multiple Reports - Teacher names were not printing correctly on the following reports, fixed. 

    • Daily Enrollment by Teacher

    • Enrollment By Teacher and Grade

    • Students with Good Attendance 

    • Daily Enrollment By Section

    • Weekly Attendance Report By Class

    • Daily Present By Section

  • OneRoster API

    • Under certain conditions when using team teaching, the Get Teachers endpoint populated the username field of the current staff member with the email address of a different staff member from the same team, fixed.

    • The Get Teachers by Class endpoint was returning an error when searching for a teacher by class id number, fixed.

  • Query - Non-admin users were unable to query CAT, CAL, and CAS tables at both the district and school levels of a flex school, fixed. See Flex Scheduling - Student Attendance

  • CALPADS Programs Reference by Student Report - The report was including an extra list of EL students in addition to the students with the selected programs, fixed. Also, now supports gender instead of sex.

  • Aeries Mobile API - Teacher attendance in the Teacher app would return an error when there were periods not listed in the default bell schedule, fixed.

  • Student Attendance - This HTML report was not printing the correct version for schools using Flex Scheduling, fixed. 

Texas Specific

  • TREx Export - The AAR-Transcript file ClassRank element will now honor the "Calculate Top X" rule for District GPAs. Also, students with certain Economic Disadvantaged codes were not extracting, fixed. 

  • Master Schedule - The Calculate Monthly Minutes process was not including holidays within the process window (the 4 weeks leading up to Snapshot Day) as required by the State.  This process has been adjusted for non-flex schools so that a holiday in the Calendar (DAY) will be counted as-if the class met based on other criteria such as the weekday tags (MTWTF).  Also, classes that start or end mid-October, based on Term dates, will now count as-if they meet the entire month.  Finally, the process will now ignore custom bell schedules for the same reason.  Flex-scheduling schools do not have a way of determining "typical" months as they only define the dates that a class meets in class calendars (CCD).  Aeries is researching potential solutions for Flex schools, but in the meantime recommends Query Change for MST.MMN within Flex-schools that have holidays in October.

Database Changes

  • Gradebook Custom Color (GCC) - Added a new table to store the custom color themes for "Percentages" and "Rubric" scores in the gradebooks.

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