Known Issue - Assertive Discipline Records are not able to be added as of the 10/26/2021 update - Fixed 10/28/2021

Update: The fix for this issue was shipped on 10/282021. 

Here is the Revision Note:

New discipline records were not able to be added as of the 10/26/2021 update, fixed.

Known Issue

A new Assertive Discipline record is not able to be saved and an a blank page will display as of the 10/26/2021 update.  Also in Change mode, the Referrer field can not be changed.

A fix is in programming now and will ship ASAP.   

Users may subscribe to the following Aeries Idea "bug" for notifications.


After clicking on the Add New Discipline Record button and the blank Assertive Discipline page is displayed, click on the browser refresh icon on the top left of the page.

This will display a saved blank record.  The record can then be selected and edited by clicking on the Change button.

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