Aeries Revision Notes 10/26/2021

New Features

  • Independent Study - A "Send a Reminder" button is available to notify parents, students, or staff to sign Independent Study Agreement documents. A confirmation email notification will be sent when a document has been digitally signed. The emails are drafted in English and Spanish. Two new Portal Teacher URL fields have been added to the School Options page in District to be used with "Send a Reminder" email for signatories. See Independent Study Agreements

  • Attendance Audit Listing - The Attendance Audit Listing has a new audit error for "Student is not enrolled in class for an ADA period".  Also, all errors that would display a new line for each date the error applies to will now display a comma-separated list of those dates, greatly reducing the number of pages on the report.  The "Student is inactive and has no leave date in STU" error will no longer display for pre-enrolled students.  The "Student is enrolled in attendance but has no course attendance" was only displaying on dates a student was present, will now display regardless of attendance code.  Added two new warnings for: "Student has class attendance without enrollment" and "Student has class attendance but has no course attendance" instead. The "Student has mismatch between all day attendance code and ADA period code" warning will now treat ADA-bearing absences the same as a present code, avoiding unnecessary warnings. Also added “Primary Class” warnings that were added to the Demographics page in July.  Also performance enhancements have been made to this report to avoid unnecessary SQL calls. 

  • Student Demographics, Classes, and Attendance Enrollment - The pages that display a student's attendance audit status will now list up to 5 audit codes. 

  • Master Schedule Board - This page has been adjusted to support Flex Scheduling. See Flex Scheduling - Master Schedule Board

  • Dark Mode

    • Further enhanced Dark Mode and increased contrast on various pages.

    • Analytics Dashboard - Added Dark Mode theme and toggle button to the dashboard.

Issues Resolved

  • Independent Study - When saving the Independent Study Agreement Length type, the field was not reading correctly, fixed. 

  • Attendance Audit Listing - The "Student has invalid or missing track code in STU" warning was not working, fixed.  Flex Scheduling schools were displaying "Student has period attendance without enrollment" errors for students with class attendance missing enrollment or course attendance.  The "Student has course attendance without enrollment" warning was displaying for all students in summer school due to an invalid comparison of Enrollment data for the next school year, fixed.  

Texas Specific

  • Texas State Reporting (PEIMS Fall)

    • The Education Organization extension will now limit Service IDs in Staff Job Assignments (STJ) to records active on the Snapshot Date with the number of students greater than zero

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