Aeries Revision Notes 10/19/2021

New Features

  • CALPADS Extracts (CA Only) - Added the new language codes to the translations' dropdown (Translations tab). 

  • Attendance Notification - 'Period Absences' logic has been changed to only run once if the Repeat Type is set to 'No Repeat' regardless of attendance changes throughout the day. 

  • Aeries Mobile API - The Mobile API has been modified to support the display and download of Report Cards in Aeries Student App.

Texas Specific

  • UIL Eligibility Manager - Added the ability on the UIL Eligibility Manager page to easily process all students based on given limits.  Page has also been adjusted for ease of use.

Issues Resolved

  • System - An incorrect SQL parameter type was used in a query, which resulted in errors for some customers, fixed.

  • Student Grades, Grade Report Mark Listing/Mark Listing by Student, Grade Report Mark Analysis and Mark Verification Listing - These reports were not printing correctly due to the GRP.GP# field, fixed. 

  • Master Schedule - The Master Schedule was giving an error when there is no term record, fixed. 

  • CALPADS Extracts (CA Only) - The SPRG extract had the potential to include program 185 records for schools that were not selected or were marked as non-reporting schools, fixed. 

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