Aeries Revision Notes 10/7/2021

New Features

  • Standards Based Grades by Teachers - The Load From Gradebook function on this page is adjusted for staff section and primary class tracking schools. 

  • Analytics -Additional criteria have been added to the Socioeconomically Disadvantaged LCAP indicator to better align with CALPADS. See documentation for more information. 

  • Aeries Mobile API - A new TITAN endpoint has been added to support the upcoming TITAN lunch program feature in the Aeries Student app. 

Issues Resolved

  • Independent Study Agreements - This page failed to save signatures without name values but did not warn users or alert them to enter a name, fixed.  Also, this page's dropdown list failed to search values properly and it would also fail to display if there were no selectable values, fixed.  Also, add signatory is disabled once an agreement is set to active.  Also, this page did not display properly for some schools using active directory accounts, fixed. 

  • Standards Based Grading by Teacher -In staff section schools non-primary teachers could not see their sections listed in the sections dropdown list, fixed. 

  • Standards Based Setup - An error was preventing the previewing of the portrait 3 Mark standards based report card, fixed. 

  • Teacher Attendance - The icons to Student Profile and Attendance were only displaying for Non Section Staff Schools, fixed. 

Do you have an knowledge of an issue with the standard base report cards? We did an update and we are having issues with the ELD report card. It's there and teachers are filling it in and then the standards just disappear??

A support ticket has automatically been created. All further communication will be done via the Support Ticket system. 

No need, It's fine. I had entered a ticket already, wasn't sure if it were a glitch.

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