Independent Study Agreements page - Not loading for some districts as of 10/01/2021 update - FIXED 10/07/2021

The Independent Study Agreements page is not loading for districts that have a backslash "\" in the UGN table in the username field for any account. This impacts districts using Active Directory accounts but will impact any district that has the "\" in the UGN.UN username field. Programming is working on a fix for this that will be released as quickly as possible.

A uservoice idea has been created. If you would like to be notified when the fix is released, you may add yourself to the idea or follow the known issue.

UPDATE 10/7/21:

A fix for this issue was released on 10/07/2021.

Revision notes:

  • Independent Study Agreements - This page failed to save signatures without name values but did not warn users or alert them to enter a name, fixed. Also, this page's dropdown list failed to search values properly and it would also fail to display if there were no selectable values, fixed. Also, add signatory is disabled once an agreement is set to active. Also, this page did not display properly for some schools using active directory accounts, fixed.
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