Aeries Revision Notes 10/1/2021

New Features

  • Independent Study Independent Study Agreements

    • Improved the adding of Signatories and the searching of Staff accounts.

    • Teachers and Users can now Digitally sign.

    • The Agreement cannot be signed unless there is an Agreement uploaded.

    • The Agreement can only be signed in Pending mode.

    • There is now default Digital Signature Confirmation text in English that is editable in District Settings.

    • Digital Signatures can now be viewed by Signatories.

    • Once the Actual Start/End dates are changed, editing the Planned Start/End dates does not affect them.

    • Spanish translations in Portal have been added/improved.

    • Once an Agreement is Revoked it can no longer be edited or deleted. It is kept for historical purposes.

    • Update and Delete permissions are now required to the ISA table in order to delete an agreement.

    • When an agreement status becomes Activated and the document has been signed the user cannot change any information on the signatures tab. 

    • An Agreement cannot be saved if the Dates overlap an Agreement unless it is Revoked or Cancelled.

    • A new Agreement defaults to ‘Draft’.

    • The Signatory area has been redesigned, removing Account ID and Type. Selecting a User/Portal account now populates the Name and Relationship.

  • Attendance Rulesets

    • Master Schedule/Scheduling Master -Attendance Ruleset field has been added to this page. Attendance Rulesets

    • Portal Options - The New Attendance Settings for each Defined Attendance Ruleset is available in the Attendance tab.  Attendance Rulesets 

    • Teacher Attendance and Attendance by Photo Pages (all versions)  - Added the support for new Attendance rulesets.  Attendance Rulesets 

  • Gradebook

    • Gradebook Details - This page has been adjusted to support Gradebook Custom Marks and will now display the Custom Mark Title.  

    • Gradebook Reports - Gradebook reports have been adjusted to support Gradebook Custom Marks. See Custom Marks documentation. 

  • Standards Based Grades - The following pages have been updated to now support Flex Scheduling, Section Staff and Primary Class Tracking schools. 

Issues Resolved

  • Dark Mode -Further enhanced Dark Mode and increased contrast on various pages. Fixed an issue that caused the Login screen to remain in Dark Mode. 

  • Independent Study -The Date fields were missing the date mask, fixed.

  • Aeries Mobile API - In certain circumstances the assignments from one school were not showing when student attended two ore more schools, fixed. 

  • Attendance History - This page was causing a YSOD error page for elementary schools with no CHD data, fixed. 

  • Ed-Fi 3.x - The Student Education Organization Association Entity is incorrectly setting the District Code as the State Code- fixed.

  • Flex Attendance - After setting an absence code that contains a color background, the colors do not correctly apply, fixed. 

  • Gradebook - When creating a gradebook from a template, the teacher has to select Save twice before being able to add students, fixed.

  • Grade Report Card - Mark Letter reports were not printing the Class Rank in certain situations, fixed. 

  • Student Test Scores - Student Test Score page was truncating the Date Printed, and Page number, when printed, fixed.

Texas Specific

  • Independent Study - This feature can now be used in TX.  The language dropdowns were adjusted for TX language codes. 

Database Changes

  • Scheduling - Added Attendance Ruleset (AU) field to MST/SMS/SMB.

  • SBG -  Four new fields (SE1, SE2, SE3, SE4) have been added to the SBG table to support primary class and teacher tracking. Also, the M5 - M12 and TN5 - TN12 fields have been removed from the table as they were never used by the system. 

Internal Only

  • Aeries Mobile API - An 'Update Student Contact' v2 endpoint has been created for the Aeries Student App. 

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