Known Issue: Assertive Discipline Referrer field is not longer allowing text characters to be entered.

Update: The fix for this issue was shipped on 09/28/2021. Here is the Revision Note:

  • Assertive Discipline - Free text could not be saved in the Referrer field since the 9/21 update, fixed.  It is the recommended practice to select a Staff record for the Referred instead of typing free text.  However, if there is a need to indicate a Referrer who is not in the Staff table, that is now working again. 

The 9/21 release update to allow the Referrer field to be used by Flex Schools by directing it to the Staff table had the unfortunate effect of no longer allowing text characters to be entered and saved into. This is also not allowing existing ADS records that have current text in the old field to be edited . Programming is developing the fix right now, and it will be deployed as soon as it passes QC testing. However, this is complicated by the lack on internet connection at the Aeries home office, due to an ISP outage. We will deploy the update as soon as we are able and update this message accordingly. 

Here is a link to an existing item in Aeries Ideas. Customers linked to this item will be notified personally when this item is completed:

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