Aeries Revision Notes 9/21/2021

New Features

  • Initialize New Grade Reporting Cycle - This page is now available at the district level to be able to be run for multiple school sites in a single transaction. See Grade Reporting - Initialize New Grade Reporting Cycle for Multiple Schools

  • Gradebooks - The "Quick Contacts" links have been added to all Scores By pages. 

  • Avery 6490 Grade Transcript Labels Report - New report that has the same functionality as in the client version. Avery 6490 Grade Transcript Labels

  • 3rd Party System Connections - Communications settings have been enhanced to better test API calls, and shows the success test connection.  Also, the references to SignalKit have been removed.

  • Aeries Communications - Aeries will no longer attempt to connect to SignalKit or SSO to SignalKit.

  • Assertive Discipline - The Referrer field now uses a Staff ID lookup and saves to a new database field.  The old Referrer field will display as "Other" when the new Referrer field is not populated. 

  • Student Assertive Discipline Record - This report has been adjusted to support the new Staff ID-based Referrer field.  Also, when using the "Hide Details" option, there is a new option to "Page Break on Each Student". 

  • Discipline Letter to Parent - This report has been adjusted to support the new Staff ID-based Referrer field. 

  • Suspension Letter to Parent - This report has been adjusted to support the new Staff ID-based Referrer field. 

  • Discipline Dashboard - This page has been adjusted to support the new Staff ID-based Referrer field. 

  • Aeries API v5 - The Assertive Discipline endpoints will now output the new Staff ID-based Referrer field instead of the old text-based Referrer field. 

  • Ed-Fi 2.x and 3.x - The Discipline Incident entity now supports the new Staff ID-based Referrer field. 

  • School Settings - Table Overlay is visible now. 

Texas Specific

  • Assertive Discipline - When Days Assigned and Days Served fields aren't the same, the Reason Different field is required. 

  • Texas State Reporting (PEIMS) - Summer submission will no longer create additional Special Ed Service records for a leave date occurring on the last day of school.  

Issues Resolved

  • OneRoster v1.1 - Elementary students with a future leave date were not included in the Enrollment.csv file, Get Enrollments, Get Enrollments by School and Get Enrollments by School and Class endpoints, fixed. 

  • Course Attendance Audit - In Flex Scheduling schools, an incorrect "Student has Overlapping Courses in CAR" error was sometimes printed due to custom bell schedule times, fixed. 

  • Students with Double Periods - In Flex Scheduling schools, this report now honors custom bell schedule times. 

  • Readmit Slip Receipt - In a Flex Scheduling school, the report options were not displaying the correct default Begin Date and End Date, fixed. 

  • Staff Assets - The Print icon button at the top of the page was missing, fixed. 

  • Gradebooks - The Options tab had incorrect wording for the 'Apply Assignment Scores Immediately' checkbox text, fixed. 

  • Student Attendance Campus Summary (Texas Only) - The Absences by Date sections of this report were over-reporting the absence counts, fixed. 

Database Changes

  • Assertive Discipline (ADS) - Added new Staff Referrer (SRF) field.

Thank you for giving us the Avery 6490 Grade Transcript Labels Report. This is something my district has been waiting for.  I cannot find documentation for client or web for it though.  Can you tell me what the "Use Special Format" check box is for?

Shelley, Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  The document has been published, and the link is now available in our Revision Notes above.  The standard format will print the Course, Mark, Credits Attempted and Credits Earned for each course, Semester GPA, Total Credits Attempted and Total Credits Earned.  The "Use Special Format"  will print the student's Course, Mark, Credits Earned for each Course, Cumulative GPA, and Semester GPA.   

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Thank you for this. Hopefully, the Course Attendance Records report will soon be ported from CS to Web as well (

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