Aeries Revision Notes 9/16/2021

New Features

  • Standards Based Report Cards - There is a new checkbox on the Standards Based Option page to "Hide Comments on Report Cards".  This option will hide the teacher comments section on all of the Standards Based Report Cards.  Please note that this only affects the report cards and not the ability to add or edit comments or the view of comments in the Teacher or Parent Portals. See Standards Based Options - General Options

  • Student/Parent Alerts - This page has been renamed from Alert Thresholds. Schools can now choose what student grade ranges are eligible to setup and receive grade threshold notifications. Various style improvements have been made on this page.

  • Activities and awards - The IBC Fee field (ACT.IBF) has been updated from an integer to money. 

  • Aeries Mobile API - The gradebook option for Display Final Marks now applies to all of the Gradebook categories in Aeries Mobile Portal app.

Issues Resolved

  • Transcripts

    • Summer schools and summer school terms were being included in mark averaging, fixed.  

    • Blank spaces in the repeat tag would prevent mark averaging, fixed.  

    • Records had the potential be added to mark averaging groups when only one of the records had a numeric mark, fixed.

  • Teacher Attendance - In a Flex Scheduling school, the Dropped Students section was displaying the Flex period sequence number instead of the Short Title, fixed.

  • OneRoster CSV - The true/false values under the primary column of the enrollment.csv file were not in the correct case, fixed. 

  • Locator Cards Report - If the option to Vertically sort the locators was selected the report stopped with an error.  Also in Elementary w/Master type schools, selecting to sort locator cards by Period triggered another error, fixed.

  • Attendance Submission Log Report

    • This report was generating an error when there were no teachers to print, fixed.

    • The time portion of the submission date was not printing on the report since the 9/3 update, fixed.

  • Financial Transactions - Users were not able to add fees from pre-scheduled courses that were marked as required, fixed. 

  • Custom Reports - Custom Reports have been adjusted to print correctly for schools using Flex Scheduling and Section Staff.

  • Aeries API V5 - The endpoint to get Master Schedule classes by Staff ID was giving an error if there was no data to be returned, fixed.

Database Changes

  • Activities and Awards (ACT) - The IBC Fee field (ACT.IBF) has been updated from an integer to money.

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