Aeries Revision Notes 9/14/2021

New Features

  • OneRoster API - The getGradingPeriods endpoint is now available in OneRoster API. 

  • District Settings - A new Disable Seating Chart (Old) option was added to the page to hide the Attendance by Photo - Old from the navigation and also disable the functionality of the Attendance by Photo - Old page. 

  • Classroom Photo/Seating Chart Report - A new report option has been applied to the Classroom Photo/Seating Chart Options page under View All Reports, to allow users to print the new Seating Chart. See Attendance by Photo and Seating Chart documentation. 

  • Texas State Reporting - The EdOrg and Master Schedule interchanges have been updated to make use of the new flex period tiny title field (FTF.TT). 

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Anyone else seeing this error on their Monthly Attendance Summary at the secondary level. Grade Level K is appearing on reports?


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