Aeries Revision Notes 9/10/2021

New Features

Independent Study Agreements - A new page has been added to Aeries to support defining and tracking Student Independent Study Agreements and Parent/Student/Teacher signatures. This page will allow Schools to define Agreement information, assign Signatories and upload the Agreement in PDF format in multiple languages. And best yet? Staff, Parents, Students and Teachers will be able to log into the Portal to view the Agreement and sign it with another new feature: a Digital Signature! Parents, Students and Teachers, and other Stakeholders can be assigned as Signatories and when they log into the Portal, they can view the Agreement and Digitally sign it.  When all the Signatures are completed the Agreement becomes active.  Signers may also opt to download, sign and provide a scanned copy of the signed Agreement for uploading as their Signature. Confirmation Text for Digital Signatures can be configured in District Settings.  

This new Feature is designed to make it easier for California Schools to meet new State Guidelines.  Further development will soon make it available to all States. See the Independent Study Agreements documentation.

  • Independent Study Agreements page

    • Add and configure Independent Study Agreements

  • District Settings - A new area has been added to support independent study.  An option to enable parent digital signatures has been added.  Also, a collection of options has been added to support the confirmation of digital signatures in different languages. 

Issue Resolved

  • Texas State Reporting (Class Roster) - The StudentParent extract generated an error if students had a blank ethnicity value in STU.ETH, fixed. 

  • Import Test Results 

    • The Initial ELPAC update process had the potential to miss updating some test parts upon re-importing data where the test part date is different that the date for Part 0 (zero).

    • The CAASPP (SBAC) Quantile score was causing an error when in the EMxxxQ format in the test results file. Fixed.

Database Changes

  • Independent Study Agreements (ISA) - Added a new ISA table to support the addition of independent study agreement data. This data includes information about the agreement and the agreement’s document data.

  • Independent Study Signatures (ISG) - Added a new ISG table to support the addition of independent study agreement signature data. These signatures are applied to individual agreements indicating stakeholder affirmation, or pending affirmation, of the independent study agreement. The signature includes general information on the signatory and two types of confirmation data.

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