Aeries Revision Notes 9/9/2021

New Features

  • Gradebook - For Section Staff schools, Multi-school gradebooks which are gradebooks linked to sections from different schools are now available when logged into the schools where there is a linked section. See Multi School Gradebooks documentation for more information.

  • Grading Snapshots 

  • No Show Manager - There is a new Security Area in User and/or Group Permissions to grant users access to this page.  Previously, the No Show Manager functions were only available to Admin user types. See No Show Manager documentation for more information. 

  • OneRoster v1.1 

    • The Get Users endpoint and the Users.csv file now include the non-teaching staff. Also an entry will be added to the userIds data element of the Users if user's State ID (for California users) or Unique ID (for Texas users) is greater than 0. The entry will have the type data element populated with either "CA" or "TX" depending on the school's state and the identifier data element with the State ID or Unique ID value.

    • The PUT Results endpoint now accepts the caller’s sourcedId as the Unique ID (GBA.UI) instead ignoring the request and creates a new sourcedId when creating a new assignment.

  • Standards Based Setup - This page now support grade levels greater then 12. 

  • Standards Based Options - This page now support grade levels greater then 12. 

  • Standards Based Options/Valid Marks and Mark Type Legend - These pages now support grade levels greater then 12.

  • Analytics 

    • (California Only) - Verbiage has been updated throughout Analytics to replace "At-Risk" with "Early Warning". 

    • Three new generic Indicator types have been added, allowing analysis of any one-to-many student-related tables: "Count of Codified Text Field", "Record Exists: Yes/No", and "Sum of a Number Field".  See documentation for details on creating Item Definitions with these new types. 

  • Aeries API

    • (California Only) - In the Students endpoints, the "AtRiskPoints" property has been renamed to "EarlyWarningPoints".

    • (V5 Only) The StudentPersonalEmail field was added to the Students endpoint.  Also, InitialNinthGradeEntryYear and GraduationCohort were added to the Students Extended endpoint.

  • System-Wide - File Uploads are now limited by an Approved file list.

  • District Settings - A new setting has been added to modify the approved file list. See District Settings documentation

Texas Specific

  • Texas State Reporting - Added an "End of School Start Window:" date to the Texas State Reporting page for use with PEIMS Fall.  This date was previously hard-coded to the last Friday in September. 

  • Courses - Service ID codes have been updated for the 2021 to 2022 school year. 

  • Various pages and reports - The Language Fluency label has been changed to LEP Indicator. 

Issue Resolved

  • No Show Manager - The functions on this page were not deleting Class Attendance (CAT) records for students in a Flex Scheduling school, fixed. 

  • Student Demographics

    • The Counselor field was not defaulting to 'Unassigned' when blank, fixed.

    • When changing a student's status to a No Show tag, the process was not deleting Class Attendance (CAT) records for students in a Flex Scheduling school, fixed. 

    • (Texas Only) The Mark Student as a Summer Leaver operation was not deleting Class Attendance (CAT) records for students in a Flex Scheduling school, fixed.

  • Student Profile - In a Flex Scheduling school, the "Past 5 Days" attendance on the Class Summary widget was displaying the same attendance data for multiple classes, fixed. 

  • Student Assets - The Print icon button at the top of the page was missing, fixed. 

  • Query - The MST and CAR tables could not be joined in Query, fixed. 

  • Course Attendance - Blank Stop Dates (CAR.DE) were allowed when adding or editing a record, fixed.  A warning message will now display to prevent null Stop Dates. 

  • TREx Export (Texas Only

    • In certain cases assessments would not be included in the extract, fixed.  Schools marked as "Do not report" had the potential to be listed as the student's most recent school, fixed. 

    • Blank student name suffixes were exporting as Junior, fixed. 

    • The GradeAverage field was extracting from the average mark (HIS.AMK) this has been updated to use mark (HIS.MK). 

    • 504 data was only pulling from the 504 table, it now supports pulling from the 504 table and the programs table where the code is 101.

Database Changes

  • District Analysis Indicators (DAI) - Added new Date Field 1 and 2 (DF1 and DF2) fields. 

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