Known Issue - Attendance Submissions Log Report giving error when there are no missing attendance records for selected date - FIXED 09/16/2021

The Attendance Submissions Log report produces an error If the date selected has no teachers with missing attendance for that date. The report is printed by selecting the "Show Only Missing Attendance Submissions" option, selecting a date range, then selecting the printer icon. An email is sent to the user with an error message.

To avoid this error, uncheck the "Show Only Missing Attendance Submissions" option, select the date range, then print the report. This will allow ALL teachers to print on the report and will include the Submit Date timestamp for each teacher attendance log record. When a teacher has not submitted attendance, the Submit Date timestamp will be blank. This will give a complete list of teachers who have or have not submitted attendance.

Programming is working on a fix to display the report with a message indicating "There are No teachers to Print" instead of an error being generated.


This issue was fixed in 09/16/2021 update.

  • Attendance Submission Log Report
    • This report was generating an error when there were no teachers to print, fixed.
    • The time portion of the submission date was not printing on the report since the 9/3 update, fixed.
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