Aeries Database Changes 8/31/2021

Is New?TableFieldComments
Added Lexile (LX) and Quantile (QT) fields to the Testing (TST) and Record Transfer Testing (RT_TST) tables for use with iReady.
Added Placement (PL) and Relative Placement (RPL) fields to the Content Standards (CST) and Record Transfer Content Standards (RT_CST) tables for use with iReady.
Added Grading Period (GP1-GP12) fields to the Grade Report Mark Headings (GRP) table for use with Grading Snapshots.
Added Heading (H) and Second Heading (S) to the Grading Period (GPD) table.
FALSERCHGPAdded Grading Period (GP) field to the Report Card History (RCH) table for use with Grading Snapshots.
Removed the Texas-specific logic from 8/17 that had moved data for Parental Permission of Bilingual/ESL programs to the Authorizations (AUT) page. The change also had the potential for the Scheduling tables change to add Alt Ed Sched Enabled (AE) fields to fail in older databases. This had resulted in the transcripts being unable to be printed from older databases with Work in Progress selected, fixed.
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