Aeries Revision Notes 8/26/201

New Features

  • 801a Extract and Early Childhood 9600 Application (California Only) - The State Media Income data has been updated for the year 2021-22.

  • Third Party Settings (Texas Only) - New Census Block Settings have been added. 

  • Scheduling (Texas Only) - Modified "CTE Hours" field (CH) to "CTE V-Code" throughout scheduling in Aeries.  This applies to Master Schedule, Scheduling Master, and using Query on MST, SMS, or SMB. 

Issues Resolved

  • School of Choice Management - Approving or Denying Requests was not sending out email messages, fixed.

  • Course Attendance Audit Report - Report returning exception when active students had no classes, fixed. 

  • Mass Create Gradebooks - This process was failing when the sections were limited by the section filter, fixed.

  • Texas State Reporting (Class Roster) - The Staff extract was failing to run, fixed.

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