Aeries Revision Notes 8/12/2021

New Features

  • Gradebook - A new option to "Set Grading Completed Automatically?" has been added to the Gradebook Options page.  If this option is enabled, an assignment will be set as Grading Completed automatically once every student either has been given a score or has been marked as missing for the assignment.  See Gradebook Options

  • Ed-Fi 3.x - The Student Language Instruction Program Associations entity has been implemented for Ed-Fi v3. 

Issues Resolved

  • Demographics - The Primary Teacher(s) and Counselor fields from the Demographics page in the Parent/Student Portal were not hidden when the Do Not Show Teacher/Counselor Field to Parents/Students is enabled, fixed. 

  • Attendance Enrollment - Error when attempting to drop a student from attendance and the school setting option Populate All-Day Attendance Code Automatically is enabled, fixed. 

  • SMS Board - When the Group by Department option is enabled certain courses would duplicate, fixed. 

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