Aeries Revision Notes 8/8/2021

Issues Resolved

  • Contacts - Corrected an issue when adding Contacts.

  • Parent/Student Portal - Corrected an issue when adding Contacts.

We have hundreds of contacts for parents that are missing the "record type" (parent/guardian, etc.) and it is preventing them from moving forward in data confirmation because they get an error message at the "contacts" section of DC telling them that they can't edit from there.

Was this caused by a recent update?

Hi Kelly,

On 7/23/2021 we shipped a new feature to help Districts comply with CALPADS reporting of Parent Ed Level. There are two new District Settings that can be set. One of them is to Require at least one Contact record be tagged as a Parent, based on the Codes defined by the District for Record Type in the Contact record. If your District has enabled this Setting, Parent MUST set at least ONE Contact as a Record Type 'Parent' before they can continue with Data Confirmation. The Parent Portal Group would need Update permissions to CON.CD to be able to make the change. 

The other setting would require Parent Ed Level to be set for all Contact records of Record Type 'Parent', which would also prevent them from continuing until the Ed Level is set.

Here are the Revision Notes:

Feel free to contact Support if you have any further questions.

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