Aeries Revision Notes 8/6/2021

New Features

  • Resync Livingtree Payments and Financial Transactions  - An adjustment has been made to these pages to use the Public CDS or Unique District Identifier value from the School Options page if the value is not empty else the CDS code will be used to verify the Aeries Financials license. 

  • Transcripts - The new "Table Field Overlay" functionality has been added to this page. 

  • Texas State Reporting (PEIMS

    • Updated the Student Transcript Interchange to gather the appropriate student transcripts for summer school.

    • Update Student Program Interchange to incorporate new elements and rules for the PEIMS Extended submission.

    • Updated the Student Enrollment Interchange to work with the PEIMS Extended submission.

    • Summer BIL/ESL along with all SPED students who have ESY Hours (CSH.EH) greater than zero have been added to the Student interchange.

Issues Resolved

  • System Security - Adjustments have been made to prevent teachers from gaining unauthorized access to data. 

  • Parent/Student Portal - Parents and students encountered an error when trying to log into the portal if no schools in the district are set up as a Secondary Scheduling Type, fixed.

  • Parent Data Confirmation 

    • The contacts popup would not show field titles for some read-only fields, fixed.

    • The Medical History section of this process has been visually improved.

    • Parents were able to select more than 5 Race Codes, fixed. Also, when Parents removed a Race Code it was not being removed from RC1-5. Fixed.

    • When a user did not make any changes to Student information in PDC and clicked ‘Confirm and Continue’, an email would be sent stating there were Race code changes, fixed.

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With this version of Aeries, this error comes up with trying to add a CON record manually



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