Aeries Revision Notes 8/5/2021

New Features

  • School Options

    • For the All Day Attendance Management option set, when Attendance Time is selected the Attendance Period option will become hidden and the Primary ADA Time field will become required.  Also, when "Manual" is selected the Primary ADA Time option will become hidden.

    • Various text alignments on this page have ben adjusted. 

  • Ed-Fi 3.x - The Student CTE Program Associations entity has been implemented for Ed-Fi v3. 

  • Enrollment by Class and Grade Report - A new report has been added for Flex Scheduling Schools. This report allows users to view enrollment counts using various grouping options. See

  • Student Directory Report - This report now supports primary classes as a sort option for schools tracking primary classes. 

Issues Resolved

  • Initialize ATT/CAR - This process gives a timeout error in some cases, fixed.

  • Teacher Attendance - Teachers weren't  able to change Attendance and Quick Attendance Note after school ends if Forward post options in Portal Option were set to value more than zero. 

  • Transcript Definition - YSOD if Testing Control Table contained any value more than 156 in Part column, fixed. 

  • School Options - If viewing the district and attempting to add a new school, the wrong set of options were being displayed, fixed.

  • Gradebook Teacher Emulation - Flex scheduling teachers were not appearing on the list of Gradebook Teacher Emulation, fixed. 

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