Aeries Revision Notes 7/29/2021

New Features

  • Scheduling Process Dashboard - The Flex Periods and Class Calendars pages have been added to the Setup/Config Section in Flex schools.

  • Test Imports - The descriptions of the PSAT10, PSAT8/9 and SAT tests imports have been adjusted. 

  • Class Calendars and Flex Periods - The "ID" column header has been renamed to "Rcd ID". 

  • Student and Parent Email Addresses Report - This report now has the option to sort by class and a section selector has been added. 

Issues Resolved

  • System Security - Adjustments have been made to prevent the misuse of certain methods to gain unauthorized access to data. 

  • CALPADS Extracts (CA Only) - The logic for the CRSC extract has been adjusted as college courses that are also CTE courses were not extracting properly, fixed. Also, resolved issue in which extra records were unnecessarily being extracted without the "School of Delivery", fixed.

  • State Seal of Biliteracy (CA Only) - This page was not creating the default setting for the CAASPP ELA or successor test when it did not already exist, fixed. 

  • Query - Flex Period Start and End Times were being output as dates instead of time, fixed. 

  • Contacts - Changes to the Student and Parent Email fields at the top of this page were not being saved, fixed. 

  • Mass Change Attendance Code - The word "use" was missing from the "Period" option label when the School Option of  "All Day Code Attendance Management" is set to "Manual" in a Period Attendance school, fixed. 

  • Student Documents - After adding or editing a document, on page refresh or when using the recently viewed students list, the document remained in edit mode and did not save, fixed.

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