Aeries Revision Notes 7/23/2021

New Features

  • Attendance Audit Listing Report

    • This report logic has been adjusted to exclude pre-enrolled students when the "Include Inactives Without Attendance" option is selected.

    • (California Only) The 140 exit code has been re-added to the dropout codes that trigger the "Student has a Dropout code but has attendance data at school __" error.

    • (California Only) The age validation for TK students (5 years old or older) has been adjusted to use the Leave Date (STU.LD) instead of the current date if populated.

  • Weekly Attendance Report by Class - Adjust for Primary Class Tracking and Secondary Daily Attendance supporting Primary ADA time.

  • Add-On Graduation Reqs Setup (CA) / Graduation Endorsements Setup (TX) 

    • A new Search textbox has been added to the Course Selection window which allows users to search for Course ID or Course Title.  Also, the selected courses are now always displaying when filters are applied.

    • A new Copy Cluster button has been added to allow users to copy one or many existing clusters.

    • Also, labels are now displaying consistently between Read and Edit modes. More informative messages are being added throughout the page.  The AND and ANY buttons have been moved to their respective groups.

    • The term "Add-On Graduation Req" will now display instead of Endorsements for CA districts.  

  • Letters - The various letter reports now support PRIMARYTEACHERNAME and PRIMARYTEACHERID as "Mail-Merge Fields" for schools that track primary classes.

  • Aeries Mobile API

  • Grades - The new "Table Field Overlay" functionality has been added to this page. 

  • Student Withdrawal Form Report - This report now supports printing in flex scheduling schools. Also, if the school tracks primary school the report will print the primary teacher when no counselor is assigned to the student. 

  • District Settings - Two new District Setting options have been added under ‘Codes Identifying Parent/Guardian in Contacts (CON.CD): 

    • Require at least one Contact be tagged as a Parent/Guardian

    • Parent/Guardian Contact Records must have the Last Name, First Name and Education Level fields populated (CA Only)

  • These settings apply to the Parent Portal when parents edit contact records during Data confirmation.  If Parents have permission to edit Contacts outside of the PDC window, a message will display on the Contact screen.  The settings are displayed when the District chooses to designate Parent/Guardian codes in District Settings.

  • Texas State Reporting (PEIMS) - Added support to extract the following Interchanges for the PEIMS Extended Submission: 

    • Master Schedule Interchange for the PEIMS Extended Submission. 

    • Education Organization Interchange. 

Issues Resolved

  • Attendance Audit Listing Report

    • When no errors were found, the report was not printing the blank report, fixed.

    • This report could issue false positives (AE error) when evaluating exit reason 440 for students enrolled in two schools, having 440 in both, fixed.

  • Flex SMS Board - When Skip Inactive Sections is enabled, wide gaps appeared between the teacher rows if a teacher had inactive section(s) still assigned and while in the Timeline view, fixed.

  • Student Withdrawal Form Report - When multiple students with the same name were included, the report printed incorrectly, fixed. 

  • Student Attendance (Texas Only) - The Totals by Code and Totals by Excused/Unexcused were not including absence codes on dates when the campus had Restricted Access to On-Campus Instruction (DAY.HO = < or >), fixed.

Database Changes

  • What If Grades (WIG)-Added a new WIG table for future use in the Aeries Student app What If area.  

  • What If History (WIH)-Added a new WIH table for future use in the Aeries Student app What If area.

  • What If Assignments (WIA)-Added a new WIA table for future use in the Aeries Student app What If area.

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