Aeries Revision Notes 7/20/2021

New Features

  • CALPADS Extracts

    • A new tab has been added to host the processes that manage students for Summer ELPAC Testing. These processes will look at ATT to see if it has been initialized. If it has not, it will use the school calendar. If it has been initialized it will create the extracts with the next year information. See CALPADS Extracts - Summer ELPAC Testing Tab.

    • Other Extracts tab and process for creating SIAD extract has been removed since it was retired by CALPADS effective 7/1/21.

  • Flex SMS Board - The Group by Department feature has been added to this board for both Timeline and Period View. Also, the current time marker (vertical red line) has been removed. 

  • Initialize ATT/CAR - Added validation to verify that the Absence Codes (ABS) table exists.  If not, it will issue a warning message. 

  • Student Demographics - Student demographics page now displays the primary teacher(s) for a student based on the nearest school day for schools with the primary class tracking on. It also has two new status messages that will warn the user if the student has no or more then one primary classes on a day the student has scheduled classes.  

  • Student Information Bar - Primary teacher fields is now part of the student information bar for schools with the primary class tracking on.

  • Special Programs (Texas Only) - Crisis Indicator Code max length has been changed from two characters to three characters. 

  • Course and Leaver Codes (Texas Only) - PEIMS Code Changes to Service IDs and Leaver Reasons have been updated for the 21-22 school year. 

Issues Resolved

  • Classroom Attendance, Teacher Attendance, Attendance by Photo, Attendance by Photo (Old) - If deleted DAY records existed, the period dropdown had the potential to display periods when the teacher did not have classes, fixed. 

  • Flex SMS Board - In some circumstances, the Conflict Matrix within the SMS Builder displayed rows with Period 0, fixed. Also typing the teacher name will no longer auto-fill to prevent selecting the wrong teacher when tabbing away from the field, fixed. 

  • Aeries Mobile API - The attendance summary endpoint should now reflect the values consistent with those on the profile page for students with breaks in their enrollment.

  • Initialize ATT/CAR - This process would fail to complete for schools configured to calculate attendance totals based on period attendance that did not already have CAR data, fixed.

  • Student Profile - The calculation of attendance totals failed to properly handle period attendance since the 12/04/2020 update for schools configured to use flex scheduling and positive attendance or flex scheduling and using the calculate attendance based on period attendance totals.

Database Changes

  • Special Program Details (PGM) - The CRI field was increased from 2 to 3 characters.

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