New Year Rollover from traditional to Flex not updating the Scheduling Status and Use Section Staff in SMS flag - FIXED 5/12/2022

Fixed - This issue has been resolved and is being released in the 5/12/2022 web update.

We are aware of an issue with the New Year Rollover process for schools who are scheduling for next year using Flex Scheduling. After the New Year Rollover, the Scheduling Setup is not switching to the "Scheduling students into Classes for the current school year" option which would trigger the system to use the values in the School Options page. Also the OPT value for SCHEDUSESTAFFINSMS is not getting triggered to be "true". As a result, the SMS page is not displaying the Flex Period and Class Calendar fields. The data is not impacted. The workaround to display the values correctly in the SMS would be the following:

Workaround in the new year:

  1. Set the Scheduling Status in Scheduling Setup Options to Scheduling students into Classes for the current school year. 
  2. Uncheck the Use Staff-Section Association check box and re-check. This will flag the OPT value and set it to 'true'.
  3. Logout and delete your cache. Log back in. The Flex Periods and Class Calendar will now display in the Scheduling Master Schedule (SMS) page.

A uservoice idea was created for this issue.  Please feel free to add yourself to the uservoice idea in order to receive email updates as the status of the idea changes.

If the function for "Copy Results from SMS to MST" has been run, and Master Schedule page has no Section Staff Records, please follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue:

1.  In School Options, set scheduling type to 3-Flexible and RE-SAVE the page.

2.  Logout out, delete your cache.

3. Verify OPT has true value for 'SchedUseStaff' for flex enabled school

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Any idea how long for the fix for this is?

At this time I do not have an ETA on when it will be fixed. It is currently scheduled for programming. I will update this known issue once a fix is released.  The workaround above will allow for a quick resolution. If you have any issues with the workaround, feel free to create a support ticket.  

A uservoice idea has been created. You can add yourself to this idea and you will be notified as the status of the idea changes.

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