Aeries Revision Notes 7/13/2021

New Features

  • Aeries Communications

    • All outbound API calls to ParentSquare are now enforcing TLS 1.2.

    • The Link has been modified in the Information Box when editing Attendance Notification.  Once a user is signed into ParentSquare, the link will go the the Auto Notice Template page for editing.

  • CALPADS Extracts

    • The SPRG extract has been enhanced to handle program code 185 for Transitional Kindergarten students. No records will be needed in PGM. The program records will be dynamically inserted into the SPRG extract for those students who need it, with appropriate beginning and ending dates.

    • The SSID import now includes "Earliest Enrollment Start Date K-12". The LAC.USS field will be updated if the date in the file is different than the one in the system.

  • Texas State Reporting - Attendance calculations have been updated to correct multiple issues. These calculations affect the PEIMS Summer StudentAttendance interchange.

Issues Resolved

  • Staff 

    • The Associated Teacher Records section was hidden when adding a new STF record at the district level, fixed. Also, adding records to TCH while logged into the District was resulting in a page refresh and the Associated Teacher section became hidden, fixed.

    • Search staff will no longer search from the School column.

  • Records Transfer - Records Transfer requests were failing due to a missing column in one of the database tables, fixed.

  • Multi Student Search - This page has been enhanced to accommodate State ID searches, and to allow for searching inactive students. 

  • Texas State Reporting (PEIMS Summer) - 

  • The Student interchange TX-PKEligiblePreviousYear element will now be populated when the student has been found to be in a PK grade level any time during the year. 

Database Changes

  • Records Transfer Course History (RT_HIS) - Added the School Dual Enroll (SDE) field.

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