Aeries Revision Notes 7/9/2021

New Features

  • Gradebook 

    • The Gradebook has been modified to support the new Master Schedule field "Multi-School Gradebook Enabled" (MST.MSGE).  Only sections with this option enabled can be linked to a Multi-School Gradebook. See Multi-School Gradebook

    • The gradebook will now link to all grading periods within associated section's term date range.

  • Aeries Mobile API - PHL logging has been updated to support upcoming records from student app vendors. 

  • Portal Usage Log -  This page has been updated to support upcoming records from student app vendors. See Portal Usage Log

  • Class List By Section Report - This report has been adjusted to support primary class tracking. The report options has also been updated to use a section selector. 

  • Students Absent or Tardy Today - This report has been updated to display teacher information for schools doing daily attendance that are also configured to use primary class tracking. 

  • Daily Absence List/4 Weeks  - This report will be available for all types of Daily Attendance Schools, it used to be just for elementary. 

  • Students With Unverified Absences  - This report has been adjusted for Primary Class Tracking. "By Teacher" option has been changed to "By Primary Class", and when selected the teacher will be Primary class teacher.

  • Push and Pull Table Setup Tables - The following tables have been added to this feature: GPD, GPC, BSD, BST, and CSQ.

  • Ed-Fi 3.x - The Course Transcript entity has been updated.  Outside of District transcript records will be pushed to the ODS as part of the new virtual Out of District School (29999).

Issues Resolved

  • CALPADS Extracts 

    • The Staff Demographics (SDEM) extract has been adjusted to handle the multiple teacher indicator properly. Also, extract names have been added below the buttons on the EOY tab.

    • The SINF extract was not completing if a student had a Home School that was tagged as Do Not Report, fixed.

  • Load Grades from Gradebook - Student overall grades were not calculated correctly when a student was in 2 different classes linked to the same gradebook that use calculated grading periods with weighted grading periods pulling data from GRD, fixed. 

  • Texas State Reporting (PEIMS Summer)

    • For the StudentEnrollment, MasterSchedule and StudentTranscript interchanges, the course completion logic has been changed to look at Mark (HIS.MK) instead of Credit Completed (HIS.CC).

    • The Student interchange was not correctly extracting the TX-AdultPreviousAttendanceIndicator, fixed.

    • The StudentAttendance interchange now adds Ineligible days RA/RS into the Ineligible Days Present count in line with what the state is expecting.

  • Texas Student Attendance District Summary, Student Attendance Campus Summary, Student Attendance Detail Reports - The attendance reporting calculations have been re-written to account better for programs, instructional setting, grade, and track changes.  The re-calculation process has also enhanced to increase performance.

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