Aeries Revision Notes 7/1/2021

New Features

  • Add/Drop Listing Report - For schools Tracking Primary Classes, an indicator for Primary Class has been added to this report. 

  • Teacher Class Schedules Report - This report has been adjusted to display a Primary Class indicator for schools Tracking Primary Classes.  Also, this report had misaligned column headers and data, fixed. 

  • OneRoster API - A new feature has been added to the PutLineItems endpoint. The PutLineItems endpoint can now create a new assignment without the category.sourcedId. When the request's category.sourcedId is blank or null, the system will select the category based on the  primary gradebook’s  school code and section number. The assignment will then be created with the Visible to Portal and Score Visible to Portal options disabled. 

  • Teacher Attendance, Teacher Attendance by Photo, Classroom Attendance, Teacher Grades, Teacher Standards Based Grades - This page now has a button to show the student contacts next to each student.

Issues Resolved

  • Import Data - The Staff ID field was unable to be imported into the TCH table, fixed. 

  • Data Validation - Data Validation AERIES015 - Overlapping Program Records was sometimes giving false positives, fixed. An Aeries Admin must run Add/Update Defaults on the Data Validation Config page to apply the correction. 

  • Attendance - This page would not display the correct enrollment totals for schools using the last day of regular school attendance district option, fixed.

  • Attendance History - The update attendance history process would fail to correctly tally enrollment in the STU table if the student had a leave date midyear since the 07/02/2020 Aeries update, fixed.

  • Add/Drop ListingReport - This report had the potential to include students under the wrong section number, fixed.

  • Texas State Reporting (PEIMS) - For Summer PEIMS submission, the StudentTitleIPartAProgramAssociationExtension will now report the appropriate CampusIDOfEnrollment if the title 1 designation was in a prior enrollment with a different school. 

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