Aeries Revision Notes 6/29/2021

New Features

  • Class Load Analysis, Scheduling Class Load Analysis and Scheduling Class Load Averages Reports - A new Section Selection filter has been added to these reports. The Section Selection filter allows users to select sections to print on the reports .

  • New Year Rollover 

    • The New Year Rollover has been updated to copy newly added tables including School Groups (SCG) and Gradebook Alerts (GAL). 

    • When Section Staff for SMS is enabled in the current year, automatically enable Section Staff in MST in the new year

    • A check to ensure the database structures of the current year and new year are the same has been added. The Rollover will stop if there are differences in Tables/Fields, and a notification email will be sent.

    • (Texas only) Student Language Fluency values (STU.LF) will automatically update based on existing values to the next year value. 

  • Aeries Mobile API - Server Info endpoint has been modified to support an upcoming feature in Aeries Student app. 

  • Course Requests - This page now displays a visual indicator of Primary Class in schools using the new Tracking Primary Classes option.  Also, a warning will display if the student is scheduled into multiple conflicting (overlapping) primary classes.

Issues Resolved

  • Career Pathways - The courses taken were not displaying since the 6/3 version. Fixed. 

  • Texas State Reporting (PEIMS Summer) - In the Student interchange, if any StudentCharacteristics program is found throughout the school year, it will now be reported in the StudentCharacteristics complex. 

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