07/16/2021 - Summative ELPAC 2020-21 Student Data File Layout - Updated Information

7/16/2021 - Updated Information - The Summative ELPAC 2020-21 Student Data file layout has been added to the Import Test Results page with the 7/15/2021 Aeries update.

6/18/2021 - The 2020-21 Summative ELPAC Student Data File Layout has been posted on the ELPAC site. There are significant changes to the layout which will require modifications to the Import Test Results process. When you receive your ELPAC data file if wish to assist us in our testing process please contact us at support@aeries.com and we will provide information on where to send your database and data file. Please continue to check this INFO button for the latest information.

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Good Afternoon,

Is there any update on this issue? I know that our sites will want to review this sometimes in July/August.

Thank you! 

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Any updates as to when Aeries will be ready for us to upload the ELPAC scores?

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I have received our latest Summative ELPAC Student Score Data File Enrollled Studen Score Date if you would like to use it as a test file. Or is this something that you're still working on? 

Thank you:o)

You can use it! Thank you!

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