Aeries Revision Notes 6/13/2021

We're changing the style of our revision notes and appreciate your feedback: 

Texas Specific

  • Texas State Reporting (PEIMS Summer)

    • Manually entered transcript records which do not reflect a master schedule section are now able to be extracted.  These section 0, hand-entered records will be reflected in the following interchanges: 
      • Master Schedule
      • Student Transcripts
      • Student Enrollment
      • Education Organization
    • The Student interchange was updated:
      • Not always properly including HOMELESS-STATUS-CODE and ECONOMIC-DISADVANTAGED-CODE statuses, fixed. 
      • Enrollments for students who are Not in Membership (ENR.PR = "0") will no longer included. 
      • Students with multiple enrollments had the potential to be reported with an As Of Status of "I" rather than "H", fixed. 
    • The Student Enrollment interchange was updated:
      • Extracting duplicate StudentGraduationProgramExtension complexes, fixed. 
      • Will no longer include enrollments for students who are Not in Membership (ENR.PR = "0"). 
      • When students had opted out of reporting endorsements their indicators would not extract; This has been corrected to extract those indicators as 0s. 
      • Courses with a Sequence of A were being extracted, fixed. 
      • Course completion indicators of 0 were being extracted, fixed.
      • Had the potential for courses to show up multiple times when students had breaks in their enrollment, fixed. 
    • The Student Attendance interchange was updated:
      • Reported the incorrect campus for some complexes, fixed. The Student Attendance interchange included some duplicate Basic and Special Attendance complexes, fixed. 
      • Had the potential to list the wrong RAInstructionalSetting or RSInstructionalSetting value when a student changed Instructional Settings during a Reporting Period, fixed. 
    • The Student Programs interchange was updated:
      • Corrected how the SpecialEd services were being accumulated and how end of service events were being handled for the SpecialEdServices complex.
        • This resolved several issues with Special Education services. 
      • Students with ADAEligibility of 0 should never extract, fixed.
    • The Student Restraint interchange was updated:
      • The Instructional Setting for Student Restraint is incorrect in some cases, fixed.
      • Student Restraints were being limited by the Fall Snap Shot date, fixed.
    • Student Discipline interchange has duplicates of discipline actions, fixed. 
    • The EdOrgCalendar interchange will now extract all expected dates in the ReportingPeriodExtension.  
    • In the Student Transcript interchange, the dual credit indicator was incorrectly being set to 0 if a student's mark was below 70, even if the course level was set to dual credit, fixed.
  • Student Attendance DetailStudent Attendance Campus Summary, and Student Attendance District Summary:  
    • The Student Attendance reports had the potential to apply Excess Hours to the Career and Technical Education program instead of the Instructional Setting, fixed.
    • The calculation for Excess Hours has been updated based on the Student Attendance Accounting Handbook.
      • Please note the Excess Hours value populated when running these reports will apply to the Texas State Reporting - PEIMS Summer - Student Attendance File. 


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