Aeries Revision Notes 6/11/2021

We're changing the style of our revision notes and appreciate your feedback: 

New Features

  • School Groups - The page was added to allow users to create groups of schools that can be used later in different processes. Several reports and pages at the District level using school selection now have this feature available.  The documentation can be found here:
  • Aeries Mobile API
    • The Assignments endpoint now includes a class title property.
    • The following V2 endpoints were added to support the future Aeries Student app:
      • Account Taken 
      • Create Account
      • Feedback
      • Upcoming Assignments 
  • Ed-Fi 3.x - The following entities were implemented:
    • Course Transcripts (Courses taken within district only. Courses taken outside of district will be released in a future update.)
    • Student Academic Records 

California Specific

  • Import Test Results - Selecting the IB Subject Test file layout will now add additional missing IB test parts to the system. See  Test Specific Information - IB  

Issues Resolved

  • Attendance History 
    • The Remote Async and Remote Sync fields are no longer displayed for California users.
  • Systemwide
    • The school year in the navigation is no longer interactive if only one school year is available. 
    • The Table Overlay icon now matches the new icon style.
  • User Login - Button hover states were updated. 
  • ContactsNotifications Preferences did not display the description for CON.NP = 0, fixed.
  • Academic Plan 
    • For California users, when viewing the page on an iPad, part of the grid was cut off, fixed.
    • Visual improvements were made to the page and grid. 
  • Secondary Standards Based Grades Report Cards
    • This report would include courses with no data for the selected mark, fixed.  See Secondary Standards Based Grade Report Card 
    • This report will now pull data for all selected marking periods when the Include Only Standards With Marks option is selected. 
  • Copy Many Students and Demographics Transfer Students processes - The STU.PEM values were removed when the target school did not have any students in it, fixed.
  • Aeries Mobile API - The Aeries Mobile Portal App gradebook endpoint has been updated to provide correct 'WhatIf' data for use in a future update where a student has enrollment in two schools with two different "Whatif" settings.     


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