Aeries Update 6/10/2021

We're changing the style of our revision notes and appreciate your feedback: 


Issues Resolved

  • Parent Portal - Parents were unable to changes their email address, as the confirmation links were not working appropriately, fixed. 
  • Weekly Instructional Minutes - For California users, the page could possibly display records for other teachers when the current teacher viewed is a second or third on another school's teacher record, fixed.

  • Texas State Reporting (Summer PEIMS) 
    • In the StudentAttendance interchange, the TX-TotalEligibleDaysPresent element (E0937) was not excluded when the attendance event was 03, 06 or 08, fixed.
    • In the StudentAttendance interchange, Remote attendance (RA/RS) elements were not always extracted for an event indicator that had the associated RA/RS element, fixed.
    • The StudentAttendance interchange extracted RA eligible days present for students with ADA Eligibility codes of 4 on days when an RA school program existed, fixed. v
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