Known Issue - Grade Report Cards for elementary school is displaying Counselor from STU.CNS instead of Teacher STU.CU - RESOLVED

As of 5/28/21 update, we have identified an issue on Grade Report Cards where the Counselor field is displaying staff from (STU.CNS) instead of Teacher field (STU.CU) when a school is elementary or elementary with master. This was inadvertently changed when adjustments were made on this form for StaffIDbased Counseling. Programming is working on a fix for this and will be released as soon as it passes QC testing. A uservoice idea was created for this issue.  Feel free to add yourself to the idea in order to receive email notifications when the issue is resolved and an update is available.


An update was released to fix this issue on 6/8/21.

  • Grade Report Cards - When printing the Grade Report Cards on a Mark Letter, Mark Trifold, History Letter or History Trifold, the counselor name displayed from the Counselor field (STU.CNS) instead of Teacher (STU.CU) for elementary schools, fixed. Also the label was changed from Counselor to Teacher for elementary schools.

WE NEED A suggested FIX please

You will need to populate the STU.CNS field with the staff ID of the teacher in STU.CU. This will only work if you have your Staff (STF) populated. The data could be query changed one teacher at a time for all students who are assigned that teacher. However, if you can hold off until early next week, a fix should be going out most likely late Monday. If you are hosted, you will see the update that evening.  

An example of a query change would be: 


Teacher field = STU.CU

Counselor field = STU.CNS

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