Known Issue - 'No Action' counts for Academic Plan on Counselor Home page not always correct.

When Reviewing and Querying for the 'No Action' students, the totals may not always match the number of students whose Academic Plan was imported into SSS Scheduling Course Requests. This is due to the way the Students are categorized as 'No Action':

  1. Do not have an Academic Plan
  2. Have an Academic Plan but have not submitted any changes in the parent/student portal during the current IAP window for Parent/Student changes
  3. Parent/Student changes were approved by the Counselor in the last IAP window and the Students were moved from 'Approved' to 'No Action' when a new window was opened.
  4. The Counselor created the Academic Plan and it needs No Action.

There is no specific code that tags a Student as 'No Action', it is simply the status of the plan - No action needs to be taken.  The varying phases of an IAP makes it difficult to Query specifically for Counselor Approved plans, Counselor submitted plans, plans previously Counselor approved and students with no plan if they are not in one of the other stages: Pending, Submitted, Approved. 

Programming is working on a better solution for the totals.

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