Aeries Database Changes 5/14/2021

Is New?TableFieldComments
New System Utilization (UTZ) table for future use. Also added many performance indexes for use with the upcoming Aeries System Check and Utilization page.
Added the following fields to the Rollover Option (ROL) table: Bypass Student Sections (SSEC), Program Close Out Date (PED), Do NOT Close Program if Start Date is After (PSD), and Program Codes to Close (PCC). Please note the new Program options are currently only available for use in Texas.
FALSESTULCA, LCCAdded Local Credit Attempted (LCA) and Local Credit Completed (LCC) field to the Student Demographics (STU) table, for use in Texas.
FALSEREQLCAdded Local Credit Subject Area (LC) field to the Graduation Requirements (REQ) table, for use in Texas.
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