Aeries Revision Notes 5/13/2021

We're changing the style of our revision notes and appreciate your feedback:   

Issues Resolved

  • Livingtree Nightly Process Config - The Auto Sync feature in the nightly process did not honor Balance Adjustment (Adjust) transactions, fixed. 
  • Texas State Reporting
    • PEIMS Summer
      • The Student Program interchange included unnecessary elements (E0999 TX-MedicallyFragile, E0832 TX-ChildCountFunding, E1077 TX-PPCDServiceLocationIndicator, E1042 TX-Bilingual, and E1043 TX-ESL), fixed. The elements were removed.
      •  The Student Program interchange used the student's enrollment date as the start date for programs beginning in a prior year, fixed. The extract now only extracts the StudentCTEProgramAssociation complex type for students with CTE Hours, and only extracts the StudentTitleIPartAProgramAssociation complex for Title I students with an ADA Eligibility code of 1-8.
    • SELA - In the Student Program interchange, only the six-digit District ID was extracted for CAMPUS-ID (E0266), fixed.
    • ECDS 
      • Data issues caused certain interchanges to not complete or fail, fixed. 
      • Unneeded elements were removed from various interchanges.
      • Note that the ECDS PK files may not yet pass TEA Validation, pending changes that are scheduled to be released soon.
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