Aeries Database Changes 5/6/2021

Is New?TableFieldComments
FALSEHIS, RT_HISAMK, MAG, MAAAdded new fields to the Student Transcripts (HIS) and Records Transfer Student Transcripts (RT_HIS) tables for use with Transcript Average Marks. Fields include: Year Average Mark (AMK), Mark Averaging Group (MAG), and Manually Adjusted Average (MAA).
Updating your SQL database… or Force An Update macro - logic to automatically set new District Settings (DPT) option for Allow Numeric Grade Options in Schools, based on whether any schools are already set to use numeric grades in Grade Reporting Options (OPT).
Added new fields to the Attendance Reporting Summary (ARS) table for Texas Attendance Accounting. Fields include: Eligible Days Present In Person (ELIP), Eligible Days Present Remote Asynchronous (ELRA), Eligible Days Present Remote Synchronous (ELRS), Ineligible Days Present In Person (INIP), Ineligible Days Present Remote Asynchronous (INRA), and Ineligible Days Present Remote Synchronous (INRS).
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