Aeries Revision Notes 4/22/2021

We're changing the style of our revision notes and appreciate your feedback:  

New Features

  • OneRoster v1.1 Configuration - The Use CAR for Enrollment Records option was modified to include the Classes records. When enabled, the enrollment, classes, and all the related endpoints will use the CAR table instead of the SEC table as a source. This also includes CSV Enrollments and Classes files. Beginning next school year (2021-2022), this option will be removed from the configuration page and the referenced endpoints and CSV files will use records from the CAR table as its source. 
  • Aeries API - The Staff endpoints now support integration with ParentSquare.

Issues Resolved

  • Student Attendance - The Fill Periods option was hidden since the 4/15 update for users who were unable to change the option, fixed.
  • Gradebook - The logic to not display students who are in sections where the current teacher is not assigned when multiple sections are associated with the gradebook has been added back to the gradebook. 
  • OneRoster API - The Get Students endpoint raised an error when filtering a student record that did not exist in the database, fixed. 
  • Texas State Reporting 
    • For PEIMS Fall and Summer, the TX-PKEligiblePreviousYear element needed to default to 0 for PK students who did not have the ECD.PRE field value set, fixed. 
    • In the PEIMS Summer StudentDiscipline file, the second student reported for the same incident incorrectly used the last processed student's Incident ID (ADS.IID) for the current student's incident reference in the DisciplineAction and StudentDisciplineIncidentAssociation complexes, fixed. A new condition was added to set the TX-BehaviorLocation element to 00 when the TX-DisciplinaryActionReason code is one of the following: 21, 22, 23, 41, 55, 56, 61. 
  • Student Attendance Detail, Student Attendance Campus Summary, and Student Attendance District Summary (Texas) 
    • The reports only created Attendance Reporting Remote (ARR) records required for Texas State Reporting for students in one or more of the following programs: Special Education, Career and Technical Education, Bilingual/ESL, Gifted/Talented, Pregnancy-Related Services, Economically Disadvantaged, or Residential Facility, fixed. The reports now include any student who was in a remote program or had a remote asynchronous present code during the reporting period. 
    • The Career and Technical Education calculations were not processing in certain situations, fixed.
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