Known Issue - School of Choice - Create a New Request Button Not Working for Parents - Fixed 4/30/2021

Update:  This issue has been resolved in the 4/30/2021 update:   School of Choice - In some schools adding a new school of choice request was not working, fixed. 

Known Issue:

The "Create New School of Choice" button is not working for some districts.  Programming is working on this now.  


A work-around is available now until the fix is released:

The following code needs to be added to the Update Code Table form for the SCD table and the WS field (SCD.WS - Waitlist Status):

N - Not on Waitlist
P - Previously on Waitlist
Y - On Waitlist

The Translation/Correspondence Language codes also need to be added.  Spanish examples are in the screen shot below.

Here is a link to the Aeries Idea Bug Item that has been created for this issue.  Customers will personally be notified when any action is taken on this item.

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