Aeries Database Changes 4/4/2021

Is New?TableFieldComments
FALSECRSS4, S5Added Subject Area 4 (S4) and Subject Area 5 (S5) to the Courses (CRS) table.
FALSEHISSAAdded Subject Area Override (SA) to the Course History (HIS) table.
FALSEHISACAdded Articulated Course (AC) field to the Course History (HIS) table for use in Texas.
FALSEREQNMCAdded No Max Credits (NMC) field to the Graduation Requirements (REQ) table.
FALSEDGSPGAdded Primary District GPA (PG) field to the District GPA Schools and Cohorts (DGS) table.
This update will automatically populate new "number of minutes before and after the ADA Time" records based on the existing Primary ADA Time in School Options, and the ADA Time-Range options in Portal Options.
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