Known Issue - Student Search - Teacher Accounts are Missing Students - FIXED 03/30/21

Since the 3/19 update, traveling teachers (teachers who have access to multiple schools) are not seeing all of their students at one or more schools. This is affecting groups, reports, and access to student demographics.  Programming is actively working on a fix, and it will be release as an Out-Of-Band Update as soon as it passes QC testing.

Here is a link to the Aeries Idea Bug Item that has been created for this issue.  any customer experiening this issue can add themselves to this Bug Item by voting on it. Customers will personally be notified when any action is taken on this item.  

Student Search - Teacher Accounts are Missing Students


Update: A fix for this issue has been released in the 03/30/21 Out-Of-Band update.  Here are the Revision Notes:  

  • Teacher Portal - Since the 3/19/21 update, many teachers were not seeing their students in Demographics, Student Search, and other areas of the system, fixed
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