Teacher App Revision Notes 3/22/2021

New Features

  • Attendance  - The app now supports the following features:
    • Attendance to be Taken (Marked as Complete) by Section.
    • Exemptions from Attendance Accounting Time Restrictions.
    • Days Teacher Can Forward/Back Post Attendance to Remote Instruction Days.
    • Attendance notes and mass apply quick notes.
  • Grade by Assignment - The Grades by Assignment screen now displays the assignment description and links.
  • Class Tools - The new Class Rosters screen is now available to allow teachers to view students from their classes.
  • Dark Mode - The Dark Mode option is now available in the Settings screen.
  • Feedback - Send Feedback submissions will now be stored in the FBK table.

Issues Resolved

  • Attendance - Teachers from a different time zone were unable to submit attendance, fixed.
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