Aeries Database Changes 3/19/2021

Is New?TableFieldComments
FALSEDAYPAT, SATAdded Primary ADA Time (PAT) and Secondary ADA Time (SAT) to the Attendance Calendar (DAY) table.
FALSEATSFSQAdded Flex Period Sequence (FSQ) field to the Supplemental Attendance Sessions (ATS) table for use with Flex Scheduling.
FALSEGBADNDAdded Do Not Drop (DND) flag to the Gradebook Assignments (GBA) table.
FALSESCDWSAdded Waitlist Status (WS) to the School of Choice Decisions (SCD) table.
FALSESTUCDTAdded Certificate of Completion Date (CDT) field to the Student Demographics (STU) table for use in Texas.
This update will replace old Gradebook Options (GBO) records for "HideDroppedStudents" with new "DisplayDroppedStudentsFor" records, allowing for dropped students to continue to display for a user-defined amount of days.
Added fields to the Behavioral Emergency Report (BER) table including: Insert Date (IDT), Insert User ID (IUI), Update User ID (UUI), Insert User Name (IUN), and Update User Name (UUN).
Added End Of Course Code (EOC) to the PrimaryKey Constraint and Trigger in the Texas Assessment Precode Accommodations (PRE) table.
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