Known Issue - 2019-20 Summative ELPAC Data Changes - FIXED 04/15/2021

Update: A fix for this issue has been released in the 04/15/2021 update.  Here are the Revision Notes:

LEA ELPAC Coordinators are receiving letters from CALTAC regarding a new ELPAC Student Score Data Extract Report that will only include scores for students that have completed all 4 domains or were partially tested and still received an overall performance level of 4. Per CALTAC the partially completed tests will need to be deleted in the Student Information System (Aeries). We are aware of certain students' ELPAC scores needing to be deleted because they are incomplete, but CALTAC has not provided SIS vendors with example files to work with, just discussed the concepts.

To help us in the development of a method to remove specific ELPAC test scores while inserting/updating others please send the following:

1) the emailed files of students who will have their scores removed (CALTAC has indicated they will be sending two emails to the LEAs with this information)

2) the new ELPAC Student Score Data Extract Report (should be available in TOMS on or after 3/15/2021)

3) a copy of their database

Thank you for your help in resolving this matter.

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It looks like the file for the scores that need to be removed hasn't be emailed yet.

But will you need a copy of both 19-20 and 20-21 since we'll need to update both school years?

If you have a copy of the 20-21 ELPAC Summative Data file we could use that also. As of this morning ELPAC has not posted a Summative ELPAC 2020-21 Data File Layout, so it would be nice to know if the file layout has not changed for 2020-21.

We have our files, how can we get them to you?

We are hosted so you have access to our database.

Thank you

Please submit the files either through a support ticket or through our secure uploads site. 

Do you still need files?

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