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reporting service stops

Hello, We are having to stop and restart our reporting service several times a day. When a user is generating a report, they will sometimes create the hanging gears and nothing will happen. Our Aeries person will then have to log in to the server and restart the reporting service. 

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We are hosted but I have been noticing a lot of random issues with reports hanging as well.  We don't have the capability to restart the reporting service but the issue usually gets resolved before my tickets are even picked up by anyone so I am guessing that Aeries DBAs are restarting it on their end...

Yea I forgot to mention we are self-hosted and from what I have been told this has been happening for some time...A few years. I just got here a month ago so i am trying to figure this out. 

We have been able to get around the reporting issue by having users change the Report Delivery to "None" instead of "Email w/ Link" or "Email w/o Link"

Reporting Error.png

Jesse Garcia, did you determine a resolution to this problem? We are self-hosted and this just started happening today.

Would appreciate your insight as to what may have caused it and how you resolved the issue.

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