Aeries Revision Notes 3/4/2021

We're changing the style of our revision notes and appreciate your feedback:  

Issues Resolved

  • Special Programs - For California users, the Special Programs page generated an error in older databases, fixed.
  • SMS Board - The conflicted course details did not display correctly when clicking on the number in the matrix of the SMS Builder window, fixed. 
  • Flex SMS Board - The Sections to Add column was not populated when there was no conflict, fixed. The staff first and last name are now displayed under the name column of the board. 

  • Teacher Attendance - For California users, when an Attendance Note Comment was added without an attendance code, the pop-up window displayed blank, fixed.

  • TREx (Texas) - The TREx schema was updated to the latest version 1.26, which includes the new crisis codes, along with the prior year PreK eligibility field.

  • Texas State Reporting - Student Section Associations for students enrolled in non-campus-based sections were not reported, fixed. 

  • Student Attendance Detail, Student Attendance Campus Summary, and Student Attendance District Summary reports - These reports were incorrectly calculating the FTE calculations for both Special Education and Career Tech, fixed.
  • Gradebook Assignments by Student report - The email version of this report did not show correctly in the email to the parents, fixed.

Please fix the link for Detailed Revision Notes on the Online Enrollment tab of the Updates page.

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Hello Roger,

Thank you. I will forward the issue to our team.

As of this update, teachers can't remove an Attendance Note once added. Error message attached.

(47.1 KB)

With recent changes to the Attendance Notes, teacher permissions now require DELETE permissions to ATN in order to remove the attendance notes added by the teacher.

More information can be found in the following support doc:

Thanks... but needing to set the delete permission would have been a good thing to put directly into the Revision Notes, don't you think?

Happy Monday!

Do you have more indepth information on GRADEBOOK Sections with Associated and Primary Gradebook selections?  This did not have as much information as I had hoped.

Are the teachers supposed to select the associated sections in addition to one of the sections to be primary?  

Or can the teachers select only the associated gradebooks column?  What will break?  


Sections - At least one section must be associated with the gradebook.

You can also associate multiple sections with this gradebook. This will allow you to see all students in those associated sections in this single gradebook. If you would rather keep your gradebooks separate BUT have all the assignments the same in each gradebook. You should not associate multiple sections with this gradebook.

The section area has two columns, Associated and Primary Gradebook. The Associated column is used to select which section is associated with the gradebook. The Primary Gradebook checkbox should be used to notate which section is the Primary Academic section for the Gradebook. Only one Gradebook can be selected as the Primary Gradebook for a Class. 


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How do we get it to populate the student schedule in the Attendance Details window when we are creating an Attendance note?


Hi Cheryl,

I have created a ticket for you. You should be receiving an email link to the ticket for support. 

Thank you,

Heidi Hayes

Aeries Support Supervisor

Hi Marielle Bravo-Saltzman, 

I have created a ticket for you. You should be receiving an email link to the ticket for support. 

Thank you, 

Heidi Hayes 

Aeries Support Supervisor

Was information ever shared to Cheryl Untanian? I have the same question.

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